How does the booking process work?
It’s simple and allows you to customize all details. The steps are as following:
1. Choose your route
2. Choose (if you need) the number of bicycles and size you want
3. Decide if you want to eat with us (possible only in morning tours)
4. Choose the day and the time when you want to enjoy our service
5. Put your personal data
6. Booking is confirmed and needs to be paid
7. A detailed mail detailed with confirmation of booking is automatically sent to the client. It contains a booking number which a client should print and hand it to the guide before the route starts

What payment options do I have?
Credit card or bank transfer.

How does the payment work?
You must pay all the amount when making a reservation.

What should I bring if I rent a bike and I’ll do a tour?
We recommend some sportive shoes, helmet, gloves, sun glasses, mobile phone and everything else that might be necessary (if the client has his on bicycle accessories). Also please be prepared for the weather in a proper time of year.

What equipment comes with the bike?
The bike comes with a helmet which is obligatory to wear all the time and with a water bottle that we will give to you as a gift. All the bikes come equipped with mixed pedals (with anchor without it).

Where is the meeting point?
The point of departure and return will always take place in C./ Riu de la plata7-baixos 6 (LloretBikes). If you do not arrive in time for the departure of your route, and you haven´t cancelled the booking before, the guide will wait up to 30 minutes. After this time, the guide will assume that you will not attend and, therefore, you will lose your route and the reserve money will not be returned.

Do you have some kind of service during the route?
Yes, all routes have a possibility to have lunch in excellent neighborhood restaurants with local food.

What languages ​​does the guide speak?
They all speak in Catalan, Spanish and English. Occasionally they can also speak other languages.

Do you have some kind of insurance?
No, we do not have our own insurance to ensure damage on the bike (just like falls, scratches, cuts, etc.). As customer will be liable for damages that may occur on its own or on third, exempting from any responsibility to guide or the company.

How the reservation cancellation policy work?

If for whatever reason you can not make the route, you must cancel your reservation. This cancelation must occur through email before 24h for the scheduled departure time to start the route, and all amount will be refunded. In place the cancellation was not made within the mention period, the reserve money will not be returned.

What if it rains?
In case of rain (very strange in our country, where there is usually more than 300 days of sunshine and good temperature through all year) the client have to come to the the starting point (C./Riu de la plata7-baixos 6) and together with the guide it will be evaluated whether to cancel the route or not. In case of cancellation the amount will be fully refunded. If the customer does not appear, the reserve money will not be returned.

In what state/conditions do I have to return the bike?
In the same state that remains after your route. You are on vacation, do not worry, we will clean it for you! Just remember to return all accessories and extras (like helmet) since otherwise you will need to pay for them. If the bike is returned in poor condition due to falls or other circumstances, you will need to pay for destroyed parts with its rates like provides a distributor in Spain.

What if I have a problem /crash while I’m riding a bike?

Do not worry! If the problem is serious and our guide can not solve it, our team will pick you up and drive for free.

Can I arrange a route as I would like to?
Yes, you just need to contact us via email (15 days in advance) explaining a bit the idea you have. We guarantee to organize a great tour for you.

Can arrange for cyclists whole or stages for travel teams?
Yes. We know well the offer of accommodation, massage sessions, coaches, guides, resturants, etc. Even if you bring your own bike from home, do not hesitate to contact us via email to agree on a budget. Sure it will be a great time!