A route with a final destination in Tossa de Mar.

90% of the route is made on sand roads surrounded by a forest environment, and just a small part goes through an urban land. But this simple road rquires a good physical preparation, because it’s quite hilly.

Once in Tossa, we will visit the Old Town if the city with its irregular and narrow streets, wrapped all with ancient defensive walls. Most of the houses situated there are from XV and XVI centuries, so their ancients roofs and structures create an unique place of unforgettable memories.

Out of the Old Town we will also see the village by itself, because Tossa it’s one of teh best examples of a charming fishing vullage of Costa Brava Catalana.

  • Time (aprox): 3 hours 30′
  • Distance: 30 Km
  • Difficulty: 1_5_stars
  • Resistance: 3_5_stars
  • Elevation gain: 483 meters
  • Max. Elevation: 154 meters


  • Price without a bike 45€/per person (70€ with lunch)
  • Price with a bike included 55€/per person (80€ with lunch)