Lloretbikes is a new company that wants you to explore the forests and beaches of LLoret de Mar with a mountain bike.


In Lloret Bikes are committed to transmit the following values within the company:

  • Philosophy:The philosophy of Lloret Bikes is based on the integration of Sport, Nature and Culture.ruta_santpere_bici
  • Quality of Service:LloretBikes guarantees the quality of their services, ensuring the organization’s commitment to meet the needs of customers and users. To LloretBikes quality is not an empty concept of meaning or a commercial claim. The quality of the service, brings the greatest and most continuous efforts of our company; not only limited to comprehensive care of our customers throughout the route, but into all the elements and factors involved in the provision of our services. The quality in our company, is a way of understanding the relation oriented to provide a high quality, professional, efficient, timely and comfortable service to the customer. The guarantee of the services, is based mainly on the professionalism of our staff as a key element of customer satisfaction.
  • Relations with a customer:Customer loyalty is our guarantee and therefore it’s on our top priority. LloretBikes, in all its actions, is taking as reference the needs of customers and has as the objective full and continued satisfaction of the client during all the stages of the route.
  • Commitment to the environment/ responsibility:LloretBikes defends nature and the environment and tries to providean environmental ecological culturalisation of its customers in favor of sustainable tourism development.
  • Our staff:LloretBikes promotes the participation of their staff and their commitment to service excellence. One of the principles of our company is to respect individual and cultural differences- we highly respect customers, suppliers, partners, social environment.
  • Continuous improvement: We strive to continuously improve and we are open for any suggestions. Evolution and innovation are constant. We are a company in continuous learning to anticipate and respond to the changing needs of customers and employees.